This is my personal blog related to aspects of virtualization and Web-Scale technologies that take my interest (or more likely have had call to work on). I am currently working in the Global Solutions Engineering team at Nutanix. I joined Nutanix in 2012 as the first Systems Reliability Engineer based outside of its San Jose headquarters. Prior to this I spent 10+ years as a Solaris Sustaining Engineer for Clustering and Storage technologies.

In my current role I am focusing on cloud native technologies. Areas such as NoSQL, Splunk, Elasticsearch & Big Data. Also looking more around DevOps style automated deployments using containers, Kubernetes and APIs. As part of this, I am busy developing reference architectures, best practice guides, white papers etc on how to make such applications run as performant as possible on the Nutanix platform.


The views expressed anywhere on this site are strictly mine and not the opinions and views of my employer.

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